Aluminum foil (tin foil as it is commonly called) is a nice way to remove tarnish from silver jewelry. Just line a baking dish with crumpled foil, add your silver, sprinkle with baking soda (Arm And Hammer) and pour boiling water onto the jewelry. The tarnish will transfer directly to the foil which is then easily thrown away (bye bye tarnish!). Flipping your silver jewelry after a few minutes helps to remove all tarnish. Make sure that all tarnish comes in contact with the foil for removal. Rinse and enjoy your like new silver!

If you are out running errands and notice that your necklace or ring has tarnish, feel free to stop in to the diamond consignment store for a quick and easy cleaning. We also have a great Eco-friendly at home cleaner available for your at home cleaning needs.

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