You found the girl who is the “one”. Congratulations! Next step, buy the engagement ring.  You are about to
embark on an intimidating journey into the wild world of diamond selection. Buying an engagement ring can
be an overwhelming task, you’re inundated with terms and concepts that you’ve never heard before.  There’s
a lot of pressure on this purchase. It’s a symbol of your love for your girlfriend, and it’s a token of your
willingness to take the relationship to the next level. Plus, it doesn’t help that your fiance will be showing off
the ring to her friends and family.

Establish Your Budget

First thing you’ll need to do is establish a budget. It will help us show you options that are in your price
range. Just a tip, the ring is something she will look at for the rest of her life, the wedding will be a day of
memories captured on film and video.

Carat size, quality and cut affect the price. Halo settings are a perfect option for smaller carat diamonds
because the diamond is surrounded by smaller diamonds making the center stone look larger.Carl can help
you pick out the perfect diamond and setting for your budget.

Know Her Style

If she hasn’t dropped a hundred hints already, her family or girlfriends could be a great resource. Before you
set out on this ring adventure, young Frodo, ask your girlfriend’s tightlipped family or friends for key-words
about cut and style. Or if you can’t trust they won’t tip her off take a sneak peak at her jewelry box to get an
idea of her style. Another option is to go outside of the traditional box and have her show you rings she

Her Ring Size

Find her ring size using a ring size guide.


Now that you have purchased the ring, get it insured. You may be carrying it around in your pocket for
weeks, waiting for the perfect moment, and if it slips out of your pocket, you’ll want to buy another one.

You can buy insurance as an extension/rider to your homeowners or rental insurance, or get it from a special
jewelry insurer. You’ll need a receipt and an appraisal (which we can provide for a fee). You’ll want to know
how they’ll replace the ring. They may offer cash, or they may reimburse you when you buy another ring
through a specific jeweler. What To Remember if You Only Remember One Thing: When you shop for a
“ring rider” policy, make sure to read the fine print: A good policy will cover every potentially ring-
threatening situation from theft to damage to accidentally dropping it in the garbage disposal.

Questions To Ask Before You Choose a Policy:

Is the ring covered if you lose it accidentally, or only if it’s stolen?

How will the company replace the ring — with a check? Or will they require you to purchase a replacement
through a specified jeweler?

What if it’s a vintage ring or other unique piece? How will the quality and size of your diamond — and that
of a replacement if needed — be documented?

Is the ring insured to full cost or a fraction of it?

How will you need to prove the ring vanished if you make a claim?

Are there any circumstances that aren’t covered? (What if your ring flies off at the circus and gets trampled
by elephants, for example?)

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